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PPT Commerce
Podjetje za proizvodnjo poslovne storitve in trgovino d.o.o.
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  Piston pumps
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Quick supply of piston pumps from world-renowned manufacturers

We at PPT commerce offer you piston pumps from world-renowned manufacturers that guarantee great value for the price:
  1. Moog,
  2. Hydromatik / Rexroth A4V, A7V, A8V, A10V,
  3. Vickers PVH, PVE, PVB,
  4. Sauer SPV 20,
  5. Linde HPV in HPR,
  6. Prva petoletka BPV, B2PV, BPR, APF, 3112, 3113,
  7. Kayaba,
  8. Kobota,
  9. Kawasaki,
  10. Rexroth Uchida,
  11. Meiller kipper, Hydrocar.

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In which sectors do our piston pumps work best?

Industry: rollers, presses, diecasts, plastic injection
Geology: work hydraulics on drilling machines and hydrostatic drive
Construction: hydrostatic drive and work hydraulics
Agricultural sector: hydrostatic drive and work hydraulics
Logistics: car lifts, car tows, forklifts, vehicles for pumping out septic tanks, tipper trucks

Very short delivery time

We guarantee very short, even a few times shorter than the competition, delivery times for all spare parts of pumps:
  • Moog,
  • Rexroth,
  • Linde,
  • Sauer,
  • Hydrocar,
  • Prva petoletka.

  • Hydraulic components for Kassbohrer Snow Groomers

    We supply components for the hydrostatic drives of Snow Groomers. The snow groomer components we can supply are:

  • Sauer and Rexroth, manufacturers of piston pumps and piston hydro motors.
  • Moog servo valves, valves for industrial hydraulics.

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    In case of questions regarding our products and services, please contact us.

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